Monday, February 14, 2011

Please welcome our special guest...

Mrs. Frances MacKenmy, late of Virginia.
Welcome Mrs. MacKenny

F: Just call me Frannie, most folks do.
Me: Okay, so Frannie, tell us a little about yourself? Where are you from?

F: Why I was born right here in Virginia. Born, raised, married...and murdered. This plantation was one of the largest cotton producers in the 1850's, at the peak of production we had one hundred slaves. Pappa kept the cotton selling and made a handsome profit. Kept the family name blemish free, for the most part.

Me: Married and murdered? But you're flesh and blood - aren't you?
F: Goodness no. I was married on a beautiful June day in 1859 to Robert MacKenny. It wasn't a match of my choosing, but I did as my father bid me. Wed the cad and on our wedding night he and the harlot he married after my death poisoned me. Imagine if you will feeling your life ebbing away as you watch your younger sister and your husband embracing. I was rather angered by it. When I woke, I was here, in this place, with no escape.

Me: It appears you're rather insensed by it.
F: If that low down sneaky man were to step before me I'd shoot him. Still, I suppose in his own way it was an act of kindness. If I hadn't died that night I'd never have met Logan. That's a man well worth the years of isolation and upheaval.

Me: How did you meet Logan?
F: He bought the plantation from the government a few years ago. Once he'd moved in he began to rebuild and refurbish, really brought life back to the mansion. Of course he also brought plenty of those stupid tarts in here. May I say, I've never known anyone whose as randy as he was. Caught him rutting more than once.

Me: So, how did you manage to tame him?
F: You'd never believe me if I told you. It was no easy task, had to have the help of a self-obsorbed goddess, the descendent of my killer, and no small amount of luck and love. Knowing what I know, I must say there's no regrets. 

Me: Can't give us any hints?
F: LOL, now why would I do that? You can read about it in that wonderful book, Phantom Pleasure. Why I'm so glad, Patricia wrote my story, else people would certainly never have any idea of the power of love.

Me: What do you mean?
F: Love was the catalyst to death. Robert killed me because I loved a simple, common man. I spent decades here in this mansion alone and miserable. The Logan came along and for the first time in so long I felt the sensation of life within me. The greed and deception killed Logan. I chose death rather than mortal life...and in that found my strength. Logan loved me enough to pull me from the despare I was in. Without his love, I'd be as corporeal as the air. And you wouldn't be chatting with me.

Me: If you had one piece of advice for any woman out there what would it be?
F: (Big smile) Fight for your man. If he's the one, don't let anyone tell you different. Money and prestige don't keep you warm at night, or please you between the sheets. Let your heart guide you and you'll have more success and love than you've ever dreamed.

Me: Sounds like good advice.
F: I hope your readers understand the message within it. For now, my time here has come to an end. I really do have to be getting back. My plane is very differnt than yours - I'll ask my Logan if he'd be willing to pop by for a chat one day...but not tonight. *wink* we've got plans.

Me: Wow,  when she says she's got to go, she really has to leave.
Thanks to everyone who stopped by. Hope you can join us next time as we talk to Logan Harris...rake, rambler, and ghostly lover!

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