Saturday, June 18, 2011

Summer Party Day two

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Heather Haven ~ Have you ever gone anywhere exotic on vacation?
Yes! I’ve been very lucky. We’ve traveled a lot of Europe but I think the Amalfi coast was the most spectacular.  There’s a reason why poets through the ages have liked it the best!

Heather Haven ~ What’s your favorite summer time drink?
Mai tai. Anything with rum!

Heather Haven ~ Do you live close to the ocean? Do you have a favorite beach you used to visit as a child?
Miami Beach as a lot of great beaches. But I have to say, Crandon Park near Miami. Groups of us went there all the time. There’s a zoo, as well. I remember we would periodically hear the lifeguard’s whistle, and have to get out of the ocean because schools of sharks were swimming by. We’d wait fifteen minutes or so, then splash back in. All part of growing up in a beach environment.

Heather Haven ~ Do you even like summer or is winter, spring or fall more what you enjoy?
Love them all!

Heather Haven ~ Have you experienced any damage from summer hailstorms? 
No. We live in San Jose, California. When it rains, they call it a STORM around here.