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Gordon Kessler - A writer of many talents

Gordon A Kessler is a former US Marine parachutist, recon scout, and Super Squad team leader, with a bachelor's degree in creative writing. He is a Master Instructor for Johnson County Community College, National Academy of Railroad Sciences, and the BNSF Railway. He has taught novel writing for Butler County Community College, English Composition for Hutchinson Junior College and has previously indie-published the thriller novels Brainstorm and Dead Reckoning, and a book about the novel-writing craft, Novel Writing Made Simple.

He is a founder and current president of the Kansas Writers Association and tries to stay connected to writers and the writing industry by doing speaking engagements at writers conferences and for writers organizations, and does his own "The Storyteller" seminar in Wichita, Lincoln (Nebraska), Kansas City, and other Midwestern cities based on his Novel Writing Made Simple book.

His websites, and http://www.IndieWritersAlliance are landing pages for writers to help them in their writing endeavors. His author website is .

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Beware...Jezebel is on the Loose!

Sleep lightly tonight…

A madman has come to town seeking a diabolical revenge and large dogs begin attacking their masters for no apparent reason and with heinous results.

Animal Control Director Tony Parker must find out why and stop the murderous attacks. Meanwhile, Jezebel, a huge black Great Dane has killed her master and is loose, terrorizing the city and stalking Parker and his family. Parker and Sarah Hill, his beautiful and seductive young assistant, attempt to unravel the mystery and stop the terrible carnage while dealing with their own demons and lusty desires.

The attacks must be stopped. Jezebel must be found-and soon, you see--there is one other complication. Parker seems to have come down with an annoying little virus. No, it's not one of those irritating summer colds. It's certain death.

She's a murderess, huge and black as a hell-bound night.

Beware. Jezebel is on the loose!

Welcome Gordon Kessler

Please welcome my special guest today. Author of several thrillers, Mr. Kessler was kind nought to take time out of his busy schedule promoting his latest thriller Brainstorm. Welcome, Gordon. 

Thanks for guesting me on your blog!

Although the fan base for my latest thriller, Brainstorm, seems to be growing exponentially, and Dead Reckoning has a following that really loved its intense action, Jezebel seems to be my readers’ favorite book out of my three thrillers. Surprisingly enough, Jezebel’s women fans seem to far outnumber the men, and these fans are not typically interested in horror-slanted stories. I can’t explain it; because Jezebel is heavy suspense, leaning toward horror, and there are a few very graphic scenes.

This following may be due to the depth of the characters. Emotions run high. There is both tremendous sexual tension and intense suspense. The characters are everyday people—not superhuman. They have flaws that get in the way of doing the right thing. They are you and me. And once they’re thrown into this incredible situation where people begin dying horrific deaths, these everyday people must overcome being scared shirtless (-r) in order to survive.

Some trivia that few folks know about Jezebel: “She” was my first completed novel. I got a contract for her back in ’92, but the same week the publisher was going to print 10,000 copies in 1995, they went bankrupt. I finally got my rights back, and I revised Jezebel, then indie-published her in 2001. When eBooks became popular, I decided to send her to Kindle, Kobo, Nook, iBooks, etc., and see how she would be received. So far, it’s been tremendous.

I actually came up with the idea for Jezebel while staring at a blank page on my old electric typewriter at the dining room table. I was going through a divorce at the time, and I was struggling to find a decent job after closing down a business I truly loved. It seemed that I was losing everything I really cared for. I’d been reading a lot of Koontz and some King, and had just put away a half-finished humor manuscript I’d been writing because I was told that humor novels didn’t sell well. Needless to say, I wasn’t in the most congenial frame of mind. When the family pet ferret Jezebel came bounding around the corner, I thought “Jezebel, ferret from Hell!”

Well, could I brainstorm out a novel just from that simple thought? I did, and it actually became a story that was and is still very dear to me on many personal levels. I changed the tiny mischievous ferret to a huge, black Great Dane. Why? I can’t imagine a more frightening domesticated animal if it were to turn bad, yet the Great Dane is actually one of the sweetest and gentlest of dog breeds under ordinary circumstances.

I populated Jezebel with characters full of flaws, many going through stressful transitions in their lives, and they’re all passionate about something—I feel that’s super important to the story and creates dynamics that otherwise wouldn’t be found. Jezebel is not a horror story, although you might find it in the horror section. It is a love story. It is a story of intense suspense. It is a story of passion, of friendship, of betrayal and of loyalty. Please take the time to read Jezebel. I think you’ll be very glad you did.

Please check out my book trailers on YouTube: Jezebel at:; and Brainstorm at: My blog: and my websites: and I have other blogs and websites for writers. And you can always find my books at any online bookstore, including Amazon, B&N, iBooks, Nook, etc.

All three of my thrillers are currently on sale in eBook formats for only $.99—trying to get those sales numbers soaring! Of course, you can find them in traditional paperback and hardcover at reasonable prices, as well. Thanks again for hosting me on you blog! Happy reading!