Sunday, December 29, 2013

The ultimate romance...a special kiss

For those of us who write romance, we could probably tell you all about that perfect kiss... the slow sweet glide of lips, the warmth of your partner's breath on your face. The hint of coffee on their tongue. It all adds to the sexy image we have of the kiss.

Too often in todays mad rush we lose the romance, the zing because we're rushing about. To keep romance alive, we do need to have the excitement of recapturing the feelings we have with a first kiss. The almost brush of lips, the hint of heat that comes with the touch. That soft give. It all adds up to build the intensity, the passion. A kiss opens the doorway to the soul of passion. They are also the gift we give our loved ones, the gift we bestow upon our children.

Its not always easy...there are always things in the way, but finding the time and putting in the few seconds it takes is so worth it.


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