Friday, October 24, 2014

What I love about Halloween

In today's world Halloween is often a time to dress up and go door to door looking for treats. Its sort of a time which over the years has become commercialized...and honestly that isn't my favorite part of the holiday.

No, I love Halloween for the meaning behind it...for the celebrations of life, of the harvest...for the myths and the legends, for the chance to be someone else for a few hours. Its the ultimate expression of a false face created ages and ages ago for a specific reason. When masks and costumes were designed to ward off the evil spirits which rose from the grave.

Regardless of its origins (and yes there is controversy about that) Halloween is a great time to celebrate family. To gather to carve pumpkins, and make treats (not so much anymore), to play pranks on others, and to really just experience life and joy.  For me, Halloween is a time when the paranormal is more readily accepted...when ghosts and goblins roam about with the living and it will always have a special place in my heart.

If you'd like to read more about what makes Halloween special by a group of amazing ladies, check out the Beackwalk Babes blogs to read some pretty amazing things.

For everyone who leaves a comment telling me what they love about Halloween, I'll enter you into a draw for a Gift Certificate to Amazon!



Amy Hart said...

I love dressing my kids up in costumes, watching the scary and non scary Halloween movies, carving pumpkins, and of course the candy I don't need!

Jean MP said...

I love all the decorations and seeing all the great costumes.
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Christy said...

I love giving out candy and seeing what everyone is wearing. We make Halloween cupcakes, get pizzas and watch movies!!

magic5905 said...

I love all the candy.
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Susan Clement said...

I love Fall itself. I love seeing the kids dress up and go trick or treating. Everyone just seems to be in a better mood as Halloween approaches! Thanks for the blog hop!

Brandi said...

Great post! I love halloween because I like seeing my nieces & nephews get excited about dressing up & going out to get candy!! My 3yr old nephew can finally express what he wants to dress up as, & he picked his favorite character, Batman! lol. Seeing the kids happy makes me happy. =)

Take care & I hope you have a great weekend! =)
BLeigh1130 at yahoo dot com

Imogene Nix said...

Happy Halloween!

Sidda Lee Tate said...

Have a great Halloween!

amy bowens said...

I love everything about Halloween. Seeing the houses decorated, picking out the costumes, then getting the kids ready for trick or treating. Going door to door and watching the kids get excited about the candy they got. Oh and the candy need I say more. Thanks for sharing. Have a Happy Halloween.

Jessica Hale said...

dressing up and having fun with fun or sometimes gross games

Cindy Beard said...

I really enjoy the family gathering for the pumpkin carvings!

Gail D said...

Our big thing is going to the Pumpkin Patch with the grandkids...then carving them!! Plus the leaves are falling and they love playing in them!!


Olivia Starke said...

What I love most is the scary stuff, and the chance to enjoy being a kid again :)

Liz Castillo said...

I'll be hold up in my house, lights out, watching Halloween on marathon. Defiantly my favorite way to spend the day.

~ Liz

Fedora said...

What I enjoy most about Halloween is seeing everyone dressed up--costumes can be such fun! And of course, candy! ;)

fedora at gmail dot com

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